Half Way There…

I am thrilled to report that I have made it halfway through Level II training! Of course, I can’t seem to get anything done unless I lock myself inside the “office” of our tiny apartment.  My husband is extremely supportive, and is helping me to find the time to complete my work, even if it’s […]

Great Big Baby Steps

If you have ever had the joy of watching a child achieve a goal, you’ll understand what happened in Therapy Station #1 this week.  Progress is being made and goals are being reached!  When my student first came to me, she appeared to be a typical, fun-loving fifth grader.  However, she was really struggling in […]

Update: On a Roll!

I survived my first session!  Here’s a quick update: When it was time to begin, I made my way to the waiting room, where I found my very first student.  Let’s call her Katie.  I introduced myself and invited Katie and her mother to join me in the room where the sessions would take place.  […]