Great Big Baby Steps

If you have ever had the joy of watching a child achieve a goal, you’ll understand what happened in Therapy Station #1 this week.  Progress is being made and goals are being reached!  When my student first came to me, she appeared to be a typical, fun-loving fifth grader.  However, she was really struggling in […]

Summer is Upon Us…

It’s that time of year again…kids are itching to get outside and celebrate summer.  Can we blame them?  It’s beautiful outside!  I want to be right out there with them.  However, I will happily be joining my colleagues in the classroom this summer, learning how to become a better therapist.  I’ve signed up for the […]

Lesson Learned

I did it!  I finished the initial report for my first student, and it took much longer than I expected.  Lesson learned.  As previously mentioned, I have a fabulous mentor who is absolutely supportive and available when it comes to making sure I know what to expect.  We met together on Wednesday to discuss how […]