About Deanna


with my husband, Scott, and our daughter, Christmas 2012

Welcome!  My name is Deanna.  I’m not new to education, just new to NILD Educational Therapy.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texas.  I spent time student teaching in Kindergarten and Third grade classrooms, and I quickly fell in love with the students and the whole learning process.  I was hooked!  I started my career teaching Kindergarten at a small school in central Texas.  Now, I stay home with my beautiful toddler who is constantly pushing to learn more.  I’m fascinated by how much and how quickly she absorbs everything!  Now, I’m beginning a new journey as an Educational Therapist.  I’ve had Level I training through NILD, and I’m ready to get back to working with students.  I’m excited to share my ups and downs along the way as I grow, stretch, and ultimately strive to become a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist through The National Institute of Learning Development.


2 thoughts on “About Deanna

  1. Just curious, are you still doing the NILD tutoring? And, if so, how is it going for you and what have been the results with your students?

    • Hi Mary! I’m actually living in a different state now, raising three little ones with my usband. We’ve decided to homeschool our children for the time being, so I’m not currently practicing Educational Therapy. I still believe in it wholeheartedly, and I use the skills I learned on a regular basis.

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