Summer is Upon Us…

Rhythmic Writing motifs

Rhythmic Writing motifs

It’s that time of year again…kids are itching to get outside and celebrate summer.  Can we blame them?  It’s beautiful outside!  I want to be right out there with them.  However, I will happily be joining my colleagues in

the classroom this summer, learning how to become a better therapist.  I’ve signed up for the Level II course, the Search & Teach workshop, and the Math Workshop.  I’m thrilled to gain new techniques to use with my student!  (We currently do the 5 core techniques, along with a few others.)  My hope is also that, with more training, I will be able to work with more students with varying needs.

I will also be working closely with my student this summer (twice a week), so she can get a boost before diving into middle school.  This is good news for both of us–she won’t miss a beat with academics and therapy, and I’ll get to apply my new skills immediately!

Here’s what I’m expecting to learn this summer (taken from the course syllabi):

NILD Educational Therapy materials

NILD Educational Therapy materials

NILD Educational Therapy Level II:

  • how to question students effectively
  • developing an understanding of mediated learning
  • how to interpret test results with emphasis upon prescribing an appropriate individualized program
  • knowledge of Level II techniques
  • skills of pacing, transitions and bridging
  • gain an improved understanding of cognitive functions
Search & Teach:
  • identify 5 and 6-year-olds who may be vulnerable to learning difficulty
  • how to provide profiles of individual strengths and weaknesses in the foundational skills necessary for reading success
  • pre-reading skills to address the needs of young learners who may be at risk for learning difficulty
NILD Group Math Workshop:         <——  I’m especially excited about this one!
  • how to teach foundational math concepts that every student must know
  • recognizing the stages of number development
  • fun activities that develop number sense
  • how to motivate a reluctant student who is afraid of math
  • how to strengthen math confidence in students

Have you signed up for a course yet?  If you’re interested, you better act quickly!  Courses begin soon, and they are filling up fast!  Did I mention you can get GRADUATE CREDIT for taking some of these courses?  NILD is teaming up with Regent University to offer three graduate credits for $300.  If you didn’t already know, that is a great price!


7 thoughts on “Summer is Upon Us…

  1. Things will come together for you even more after the Level II class. You will come back to therapy sessions with a renewed sense of having even more “tools” with which to work. It’s also a great time to learn from other people and what they have discoverd as Level I therapists. Overall it’s a great learning experience.

    • Yes, Lynn, I’m really looking forward to reuniting with Level I therapists I met last summer. It will also be a joy to introduce new techniques to my student when they are “fresh”.

  2. What an exciting blog to find. I am currently in my residency week for NILD Level 2! (Our demonstrations of the techniques is tomorrow). Blessings to you as you grow and continue to work with students! Check out my blog as I discuss things I am currently learning as well as Educational Therapy (I will soon be posting about the NILD distinctives.)

      • I work for Discovery Program, Inc. It’s a subsidiary of NILD in Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach and surrounding cities). Congratulations on making it through Level II. How did it go? Do you have any tips for me? I’m just finishing up my first week of the online portion.

      • Awesome! My training was incredible. It is the second time I have studied under and learned from Tony Ryff; he is an incredible instructor. My tip would be to right down the questions that come to mind during your online work so you can ask your instructor as things come up at residency and also discuss ideas with your peers; very beneficial.

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